Why did working class English voters support Brexit?

Let’s not forget that only England and Wales had a slight majority for Leave.

And that is telling, as the deep issues within our post-industrial society apply where coal mining and commodity industry used to reign. When those became obsolete for our level of development, and rightfully closed, successive governments wilfully neglected to do anything significant about the former workers. Instead, a bewildering array of ineffective — and very costly — welfare mechanisms grew to keep the disadvantaged dependent on government aid. The weight of so many strings attached to benefits drags down the system, but keeps favoured contractors in obscene profit.

But it goes even deeper than that, and we need to plumb those depths by considering our electoral system: First Past the Post, guaranteed to multiply the effects of demagogy and patronage. All a crooked would-be politician needs to do is to talk a sufficient majority to come in just over the line. Depending on the number of contenders — and the harsher the conditions, the more there will be — less than a fourth of valid votes can elect an MP.

It is so cheap to be Safe.

The controversial result of the advisory referendum was not due to xenophobia, racism, or even a mild resentment of immigration.

The ‘working class English’ Leave voters have many grievances — real or imagined — against the ‘establishment’. Those grievances accumulated through decades of failed policies, neglect and, worst of all, patronage.

Militant unions and other ‘friends of the people’ — all ‘working for the many, not for the few’ — have built an image of being all that stands between workers and ruthless exploitation.

— To keep the Bosses in line, one must vote Labour.

White-collar and affluent merchants are compelled to side with the Bosses, seeking protection for their hard-earned privileges.

— To keep the Trots in line, one must vote Tory.

Both sides have many political parasites — incompetent but loud-mouthed demagogues — whose main interest is to keep a captive electorate. That is easily accomplished through poor education, a perpetual sense of grievance, by keeping the Good Life close but just out of reach, by distributing selective patronage to ‘community leaders’.

Patronage and demagogy are what keep many MPs — from both main parties — in their safe seats. As the EU programmes and investments are the very antidote to local electioneering patronage, those safe parasites sought to undermine them, by channeling grievances against the EU.

Worse, the EU now directs that it be made a tad less easy to launder money and hide profits from taxes. Kleptocrats in panic, at the world’s favourite launderette, the City of London and its surrounding real estate over-inflated bubble — bursting with unoccupied but frequently traded luxury flats.

The old English working class were conned into voting Leave.

A disproportionate number of South Asians and Commonwealth immigrants also voted Leave, through immediate self-interest, aiming at more opportunities to bring over friends and relatives. Funny that they are never mentioned, as we fear being seen as ‘racist’— just as we label the Leave voters.

The English have been led by the nose into attempting national and economic suicide. Those who fear inequality have seen nothing yet, whatever the next party in power. Those who embrace privileges are also in for a shock, as they are bound to be plunged in with the Proles.

Britain will be plunged even deeper into an artificial class-war, from which able and well-intentioned folks are sure to bail out.

Good luck.

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